Rotary Club of Wilmington West – Bulletin

Michael Bowman is the link between the University of Delaware and the private technology industry in Delaware. He says the goal is to have new tech companies start small and grow to be full sized successful organizations that move out of the U of D Campus area and into our state and beyond.

The idea of schools and private industry working hand in hand is not new. It was started at Sanford and there are now 175 such parks in the US alone. Including other countries there are 600. From 1992 to 2013 the technology link up with the U of D has created 16,000 jobs, 250 million in capital investment, and 290 million in grants.

Today’s young people in the United States are not as interested in math and the sciences. It is hoped that Delaware can encourage more students to take the harder subjects starting in 9th grade. Many students who are in the science studies come from foreign countries.

The technology park is located off Library Avenue in Newark and has now grown to 5 buildings. They center around environmental science and clean energy. Micro Biology, Agriculture, and Human health research are part of the Delaware Bio Tech Institute. World class science research requires the best physicalities and that’s what is being built next to the U of D campus.

Some of the people and projects going on include: Greg Bender working on DNA. They are in the process of synthesizing life in cells. Rita Caldwell is the head of the National Science Foundation. Nick Petrelli is working on cancer research. There is a 3D studio for improved medical vision from cat scan data. These new techniques will aid doctor in making better presurgery decisions. Another company that has chosen to get involved in the park is Fraunhofer CMB the largest non profit science company in Europe. They invented things like the MP3 player.

After tearing down the old Chrysler plant places like Bloom Energy have sprung up. They are planning to have a hotel, green space, and more classrooms in the years to come.  It is a large area of land with great planning in progress right now.

We were lucky to get a glimpse of the project from Michael and hope he continues his successful partnership between the business of technology and the University of Delaware.