Advanced Materials

The Delaware Technology Park (DTP) began with DuPont’s Advanced Material Systems business as its anchor company in 1992. DTP still has a strong advanced materials presence and has helped form many start-ups in the area.

Nanotechnology is the latest advancement in materials science. The ability to manipulate material on an atomic and molecular scale marks a pivotal point in scientific history. DTP offers space that is customizable for the latest cutting-edge nanotechnology infrastructure.

A complete directory of DTP’s advanced materials companies is listed below.

Elsicon, Inc.

Elsicon, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation engaged in commercializing the unique, patented OptoAlign™ process and materials technology for the alignment of liquid crystal materials in optical and electro-optical devices and systems. The targeted industry is liquid crystal display …
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Impact Colors, Inc.

Impact Colors Inc., provides highest quality color effect pigments and visual delivery system to the Personal Care Marketplace worldwide. The company has an international distribution network for thirty-two partners and is expert in color trends.

Neuracon Biotech, Inc.

Neuracon Biotech, the vision of Dr. Arun Kumar, joins together a unique and dynamic assemblage of qualified experts in fields as diverse as: biomaterial, medical devices, drug delivery and discovery, bioreagents, oncology research, and tissue engineering. Mainly focused on seeking …
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Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. (SFT) was founded in 1994 and maintains corporate headquarters in Newark, Delaware, USA.  SFT was financed through private investors and from funding granted by the Delaware Innovation Fund. The company specializes in the manufacture of bench …
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