Life Sciences

Delaware has a broad range of interdisciplinary life science technologies and companies that impact both animal and plant agriculture, human health, energy and the environment.

A complete directory of DTP’s life science companies is listed below.

ACROBiosystems Inc.

ACROBiosystems is a quality protein/antibody manufacturer and service provider specializing in bulk protein and monoclonal antibody production. The core technology platforms focus on mammalian cell culture based process development, and protein production. Our products and one-stop services have been successfully …
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ACT Solutions Corp

Adjuvant Research Services, Inc.

Adjuvant Research Services is a provider of nationwide clinical development temporary staffing for the biopharmaceutical industry. Our consultants are supplied to our customers for regional monitoring, in-house monitoring, auditing, medical writing (including manuscript and protocol writing), project management, medical monitoring and investigational site based data entry services.
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CM-Tec, Inc.

CM-Tec, Inc. is specialized in polymer and organic synthesis and analysis. Up to now, CM-Tec has provided polymer and organic synthetic services to many customers coming from different countries. CM-Tec is also ready to support its clients for polymer and …
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Delaware BioScience Association

Delaware BioScience Association has a broad-based membership including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, analytical equipment and agricultural products; as well as representatives from academia, medical research, workforce training and other supporting organizations (financial, legal, marketing, consulting, engineering and construction, etc.) that …
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Delaware Biotechnology Institute

To promote research, education, and technology transfer for biotechnology applications to the benefit of the environment, agriculture, and human health. The Biotechnology Institute will create a better future through leadership; in life science research at the University of Delaware. It …
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Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN)

  • 302-831-4335
  • 302-831-6840

  • University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, 19716

The mission of DENIN is to conduct research and coordinate partnerships that integrate environmental science, engineering, and policy in order to provide solutions and strategies that address environmental challenges.  The institute fosters a culture of scholarship that leverages the combined …
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Delaware EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research)

EPSCoR, the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, is a federal grant program led by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help states develop their research capabilities and institutions. Delaware received its first NSF EPSCoR grant in 2005 to create …
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Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology

Fraunhofer Center for Molecular Biotechnology (FhCMB) is a  division of Fraunhofer  USA, Inc., a not-for-profit, research organization, whose mission is  to  develop safe and  effective  vaccines and  therapeutics targeting  infectious  diseases and  autoimmune  disorders. Our 56,000  square foot research and development …
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Globio3S LLC

Your trusted partner for global biological strategy, solution and sourcing.
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iBio, Inc.

iBio, Inc. is focused on development and commercialization of novel plant-made products for the prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases. To accelerate achievement of our objectives, we established a research & development relationship with a leading not-for-profit translational research institution, …
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Keiper & Associates, Inc

Keiper & Associates, Inc. is an international consulting consortium that provides compliance, auditing, and validation services to regulated companies. We assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and health care clients assess and implement experience based strategies that exceed regulatory expectations. As …
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Neuracon Biotech, Inc.

Neuracon Biotech, the vision of Dr. Arun Kumar, joins together a unique and dynamic assemblage of qualified experts in fields as diverse as: biomaterial, medical devices, drug delivery and discovery, bioreagents, oncology research, and tissue engineering. Mainly focused on seeking …
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Occam BioLabs

Occam BioLabs is a start-up company engaged in developing cutting-edge technologies for detection and quantification of biomolecules. Our goal is to achieve high accuracy and simplicity. The company is focused on three general areas of research and development: • Design …
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OCS, Inc. helps organizations worldwide assess, design, procure, and implement voice, data and video technology. OCS’s team of consultants provides objective in-depth expertise in telecommunications and data infrastructure, telecommunications and data architecture, contact centers, project management and telecommunications expense reduction. …
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Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. (SFT) was founded in 1994 and maintains corporate headquarters in Newark, Delaware, USA.  SFT was financed through private investors and from funding granted by the Delaware Innovation Fund. The company specializes in the manufacture of bench …
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The Encima Group

We are a Marketing Services company that provides marketing Strategy, Analysis, Operations and Support.  We deliver integrated services and solutions to advance our clients’ relationship marketing success by executing their marketing plans and strategies.  Additionally, we provide consolidation analysis, objective …
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Wilmington PharmaTech Company

Wilmington PharmaTech Company LLC is a well established company specializing in chemical process and development for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We are currently developing new environmental friendly (green) processes for the synthesis of today’s medicines. We are also providing consulting service, …
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