No state matches Delaware when it comes to doing business. Delaware is known as the “corporate capital of the world,” with 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies incorporated in Delaware. The state is consistently recognized for its favorable tax climate, excellent legal environment, low business costs and large science and technology workforce. In 2008, Delaware was recognized in CNBC’s ‘America’s Top States for Business’ list as the number one state for business friendliness.

Delaware is centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic region making the entire East Coast easily accessible via I-95 and rail lines that run both north and south. The state’s access to ports on the Atlantic seaboard and close proximity to both the Philadelphia and Baltimore international airports help connect Delaware to national and global markets.

The University of Delaware is making a long-term investment with the construction of the Science and Technology Campus, to be built on the former Newark Chrysler assembly plant, as a work-live-learn site integral to the community. The Campus will serve to expand academic research and promote regional job growth, by including technology-based institutions and companies from the private sector .