RAAD360, LLC provides its customers with an enterprise supply chain risk management software called RAAD™: a data-driven platform that uses any internal enterprise and intelligence data, and external source data to help the customer identify, visualize, assess, and mitigate the risks in its global end-to-end supply chain.  The RAAD™ SCRM platform is the only one on the market today that builds its supply map directly from the customer’s own end-to-end enterprise system data, down to the lowest level of granularity present in the customer’s database(s).  RAAD360 is working in collaboration currently with Microsoft to bring the platform to the Microsoft Azure marketplace, and is partnering with Federal service firms to meet the customized needs of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Email:  raad@raad360.com

Phone:  855-RAAD-360 (855-722-3360) Ext. 800

Website:  www.raad360.com