The Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI) is dedicated to achieving Delaware’s long-term vision of becoming one of the healthiest states in the nation.  DCHI works in close collaboration with key partners to guide implementation of the State Health Care Innovation Plan to foster continuity of  effort across  multiple sectors and initiatives, and to ensure extensive participant public/private involvement to  achieve systemic healthcare transformation.

As the principal Delaware-based organization dedicated to broad-based stakeholder engagement in the healthcare transformation work, DCHI fosters inclusion, transparency, and collaboration for a comprehensive concurrent focus on cost, health, and quality of life for providers and consumers alike,  all  to attain shared goals for achieving the Quadruple Aim: better health, quality, affordability and the provider/consumer experience in Delaware

Contact information:

1 Innovation Way –  Suite 300

Newark, DE 19711

Office:  (302) 266-4616