Recently Booz Allen Foundation has opened a $1 million Innovation Fund to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators at colleges and universities, and startups and small businesses harness the power of data, technology, and diverse intellectual capital to improve COVID-19 relief efforts and make a difference. We want to surface the most innovative solutions and empower the individuals and organizations behind those solutions to drive their development and implementation.

The Foundation is accepting applications from April 30 through June 5, 2020. Nonprofits can apply for grants of up to $100,000. Individuals, teams of individuals, and eligible for-profit organizations can apply for microgrants of up to $10,000. Certain eligibility requirements apply. Through the Innovation Fund, the Foundation is specifically targeting solutions and projects that will build lasting community resilience through protecting vulnerable populations and frontline workers or providing for the safe return to work.

If you have an idea for a solution or are involved with a project that’s already making a difference, apply for your Booz Allen Foundation Innovation Grant today and partner with us to make change that counts.  Alternatively, if you can help to spread the word our tool kit with sample messaging is here and if you would be open to including this in an upcoming newsletter, I would be happy to send some language your way to include.

How To apply  

Applications for Booz Allen Foundation Innovation Grants are open from April 30 to June 5, 2020. Applicants should be prepared to answer a brief set of questions about how your solution or project will solve an urgent social problem or build community resilience in the wake of COVID-19.

Please see our FAQs for more details about the application process, read more about the initiative here.