Cyber Sages Help Small Businesses Tighten Up

Daniel Eliot (right) of the Delaware Small Business Development Center works with business owners to help them get up to speed on cybersecurity. Here, he is talking with Moses Senesie, who assists SBDC with business research. Senesie is studying business analytics and working toward his MBA at UD’s Lerner College of Business and Economics.

Innovation Delaware Company to Watch: Prelude Therapeutics

Innovation Delaware Company to Watch: Prelude Therapeutics from a textbook or a lesson plan. “Discovery is an art,” Vaddi says. “It’s not something that’s taught.” As Vaddi’s latest business venture, Prelude Therapeutics, finds its way forward, he hopes to be in the middle of a variety of exciting breakthroughs.

How a startup incubator is building on the rubble of Delaware’s auto industry

I was working at the University of Delaware in the late 2000s. I lived outside of Newark when Chrysler shut down its assembly plant and fired all 2,100 of its employees. Word of the closure started to spread in February of 2007 — almost ten years ago to the day.